General Guidelines for Rearing TGA Golden

  1. Water: soft (< 7?d), slightly acidic from 6-6.5 pH. Do Not exceed pH 7 or go below 6.
  2. Water Changes: Preferably once a week. About 10%-20% of water volume with aged water (kept in water container with strong aeration for at least 3 days.) or treated water free from chlorine and heavy metals such as chloromide. Use water conditioner e.g Nutrafin 
  3. Water level of Aquarium: Young fish Below < 9 inch - 15 inch of water, Fish above > 9 inch - max level
  4. Aquarium Size & background: Min width 4 feet x Depth 2 feet x Height 2 feet (preferably 5 feet and above) with all 4 sides (including the aquarium base) black or blue. Bare aquarium. Minimum drift wood, stone or sand for easy maintenance. For aesthetic value, use 3D fibre glass board as back ground decor.
  5. Water temperature: 28?C to 30。C. No direct sun light for more than 4 hours a day.
  6. Power Head: Important to have medium strong aeration (water flow) to encourage the fish to exercise and be active, (healthy!)
  7. Feeding: Feeder fish (to quarantine min 4 days first), live or dead (fresh) prawns, bread worms, crickets & frogs.
  8. Lighting: 1 pieces of 4 feet long ordinary fluorescent white light, suspensory light. To placed at the back of the aquarium, shining from top to bottom.
  9. Filteration: Biological ("Biotope") with external multi chambers bottom filter of at least 2 1/2 feet in length and 3-4 individual chambers for easy maintenance. Large surface area with various filter medias such as filter wool, Japanese MAT and large quantity of porous biological media to house bacteria (for nitrification process). Do not use corals for it makes the water hard and increase the ph to > 7 ph. Danger of "Hikui" disease.
  10. Air Pump: To create an oxygen rich environment and aeration. Also,dissipate unwanted chemicals and organic materials in water faster.